Depends on how much you want to lose, every treatment you do you will lose 2 – 6 cms so everyone of them counts to toward the result you want to achieve.
If you can drink a litre of water before it will help to move the fat after treatment, the more important thing to do is after treatment, you need to drink atleast 2 Litres of water to flush the fat out of the body, No Carbs, No sweets, No Alcohol, eat as clean as possible for 12 to 24 Hours after treatment.
Every 72 hours you can have a treatment so every three days as the body needs 24 hours to get rid of the Fat we have turned to liquid then another few days to get over that process before going again.
Abdomen treatment is normally classed as 1 area, 1 area is an A5 size area, normally this would cost $170.00, if you buy a package they are priced at $120.00 each, if you do fortnightly treatments it is $80.00 and if you choose to have a treatment every week for 8 weeks minimum its only $50.00.
Nearly every part of the body can be done from the double chin down to the ankles. 1 area is an A5 size so Abdomen is 1 area unless you need upper abdomen as well, Buttocks is 2 areas, Outer Thighs 2 areas, Inner Thighs 1 area, Upper Arms 1 area, Neck 1 area, Inner and front of Legs is 2 areas.
Yes you can, It is great to do any exercise after treatment to get the fluid flowing through the body, Sauna or Spa is great as well but not neccessary just up to you. We do offer a Lymphatic Drainage done for the area you had treated for just $40.00 extra as it is great to start the flow through the lymphatic system to get rid of the Fat we have broken down. This is recommended after the first treatment and then at the end of your treatments if not after every treatment.
You will have to put aside at least 30 minutes for 1st treatment as you will need to fill in forms, get measured and photo for before and after pictures, then treatment for 15 minutes.
It will only take 20 Minutes after your treatment as we are only doing the drainage process to that area treated on the day.
It is Skin Tightening, It works with heat drawing the blood to the surface of the skin to produce collegen which is what our skin needs to stay tight and firm. Our treatments can be done on the face for a great non surgical face lift, on the neck for all those deep wrinkles and on the abdomen to tighten the skin after weight lose or pregnancy. Any where you have loose skin that could use some tightening.