Dermal Skin Needling Gold Coast


This treatment will help restore collagen and elastin for Skin Rejuvenation, this will reduce the fine lines, improve skin texture and feel firmer.

Skin needling also helps in the repair of stretch marks, Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Large Pores and General Scarring.

Dermapen is a micro needling pen that penetrates the skin with its fine vertical needles with an automatic vibrating function for less skin damage.

Dermapen causes minimal Skin damage so less pain and discomfort, with the adjustable needle lengths for treatment depth into the epidermis and dermis levels of your skin. Dermapen will encourage your own skin to regrow and repair damaged or aged skin through collagen induction. The Skins will repair itself and heal with almost no downtime.

Dermapen can effectively reach hard to get areas like around the eyes, lips and nose. Dermapen is also easier to use on direct scarring and stretch marks for more acurate treatments similar to fractional laser, IPL, chemical peels and laser.

Our bodies have a natural healing process which works with the needling process to rejuvenate the skin and produce the collagen needed for new growth and firmer skin.



  • Full Face


  • Add Decolletage


  • Add Neck


  • Just Cheeks


  • Just Lips


Scarring and stretch marks priced in free consultation.

Before and After Skin Needling

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